Dr. Amber Brown

Teaching You How to Thrive Confidently as Your Whole Self

I first started my physical therapy practice after the loss of my parents. At the time, I was feeling burned out and needed something different. Because I already had the skills and the client referrals, I was fortunate enough to build my business fairly quickly. However, what truly helped me succeed and not stress over the fact I still had a ton of student debt to pay while running a new business is that I learned how to create my own financial stability starting in the first grade, thanks to my parents. I had the tools, financial education, and repetition to help me avoid making decisions out of survival. More so, I had been gifted a plan of how to create generational wealth for myself and how to teach others to do the same. Together with my extensive training and certifications in physical therapy, women’s health, and experience as a registered yoga teacher, I knew I had the responsibility to share my knowledge and help others achieve the same total physical, emotional, and financial wellness I was able to achieve. I’m passionate about helping successful, high-achieving healthcare professionals achieve balance in their lives through financial, physical, and emotional wellness to build toward total wellness. And I often speak at conferences and workshops on a number of total wellness topics, including pelvic health education, implementing financial foundations, setting up your exit plan, and building generational wealth. I believe in continuing education, including my own, so I can provide you with the best updated information, treatments, and approaches to designing a life you love to live.

Dr. Amber's philosophy is, "Education empowers us to evolve!"

Bachelor’s Degree: Washington University in St. Louis
Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT): Tennessee State University  

Women’s Health Specialist
Dry Needling
Oncology Rehabilitation
Visceral Mobilization
Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)
DONA-trained Birth Doula
Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) via Norton School Of Lymphatic Therapy
Financial Coach 

Core Values

Total Wellness

We recognize freedom comes from embracing your full self and living with total financial, emotional, and physical wellness, allowing you to experience the balance of feeling complete, being secure, and looking confidently toward the future.

The Whole Self

We believe in providing unique, mindful, and individualized care to treat the whole person, understanding we are all complex beings who deserve to be fully seen.

Your Village

We are passionate about building connections and providing safe spaces of support — villages — to help raise up communities of people who see, hear, and value individuals as their whole selves.

Purposeful Listening

We listen to understand first so that when we respond,we are intentional, thoughtful, and compassionate with our words and body language.


We create a judgment-free experience with every interaction, ensuring people feel safe, seen, and accepted.