Hi! I'm Dr. Amber Brown

 As a doctor of physical therapy and Board-Certified Women's Health Specialist, my primary focuses are pelvic floor dysfunction and Black Maternal Health.  I also serve several clientele as a doula, certified lymphedema therapist and registered yoga teacher.  I contribute to academia as a guest lecturer and with further research as I complete my second doctorate.  

I was introduced to financial literacy at a young age, during the first grade to be exact, and discussing finances was normalized in my home.  My parents unexpectedly passed, but their life lessons did not.  I guide people on the pathway to financial freedom without sacrificing their health as a certified financial coach and health coach, remember, wellness is cheaper to manage than treating illness.  
As an entrepreneur and educator, I teach and empower college students, parents, and healthcare professionals how to make, manage, and multiply their money.  This does not mean we have to feel burned out and stuck at a job just to make sure we don't have more days at the end of the month than money.

My parents left a legacy, not a hardship, and always wanted better for future generations.  I'm carrying on their legacies by improving financial wellness to help improve the health and wealth of generations to come so we can all normalize financial literacy.