Welcome! I'm Dr. Amber Brown

As a doctor, educator, and entrepreneur, I know what it’s like to have a very busy, and sometimes chaotic, life. Like so many of us in healthcare, I entered a high-stress, high-demand world with six-figures in student loan debt when I graduated. But I didn’t let that turn my world upside down because the thing is … I had a plan.

Design a Life You Love

You deserve ease and balance in your life, financially, physically, and emotionally. You deserve to make the right choices for your career driven by your passions and desires ... and not desperation. Set yourself up for ultimate success by founding your life on financial wellbeing with a clear and easy-to-follow plan crafted just for you. It’s time to start looking confidently toward the future.

Live Your Life in Empowered Wellness

The gateway to wellness begins with financial wellbeing.

Financial Wellness

Education — especially financial education — empowers us to evolve and thrive. While money can’t buy happiness, when you understand how to prepare for and achieve total financial health and security, it can definitely add to your happiness and increase your overall physical health! Together, we’ll assess your personal finances and help you learn how to get organized and prioritize your future with a plan of action that will uplift your whole being.

Emotional Wellness

Self-care is more than bath bombs and butter pecan ice cream. Being able to recognize and manage burnout, be proactive versus reactive, set — and stick to — your boundaries … all of those things are part of self-care and emotional wellness. With the right plan, guidance, and support, you can be your best self — something you are so deserving of and worthy of being.

Physical Wellness

In this lifetime, you only get one physical body; so, let’s learn how to best care for it so you can achieve all your goals and dreams in optimal health and wellbeing. Working together, we’ll identify your starting point and where you want to be when it comes to your sleep, nutrition, and physical activity. You’ll learn how to understand the basics of your physical wellbeing numbers and how to reach your vision of total wellness.

Invite Dr. Amber to Speak

Dr. Amber builds connection with audiences through inspirational, engaging, and motivating keynote addresses that center financial, emotional, and physical wellness. She is passionate about providing safe spaces to help raise up communities of people who see, hear, and value individuals as their whole selves.
Reach out about scheduling her for your next workshop, podcast, or conference.